Trans Siberian Railway Tours

A journey along the Trans Siberian Railway is an epic adventure; and doing it independently and at your own speed proves to be a great way to travel. There is no need to join a large travel group. On our tailor made journeys you can travel in a group as small as 2 people.

Let 50 Degrees North take the hassle out of independent travel so you can enjoy the extraordinary experience of travelling from the far east to the metropolises of Moscow and St Petersburg in the west.

A bit of an overview

The term “Trans Siberian” refers to the rail journey from Vladivostok to Moscow (or vice versa) – an all-Russian experience. However, it is important to note that there are actually two more routing options, which are often confused with the term Trans Siberian. The Trans Mongolian covers the route from Beijing via Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia to Moscow (or vice versa). Finally, the Trans Manchurian takes you from Beijing via Harbin (Manchuria) and into Russia, from where it follows the rail line all the way to Moscow.

For the best and more all encompassing experience we strongly recommend the Trans Mongolian journey, as it offers spectacular scenery and a more interesting cultural experience. Plus, we love Mongolia - there is nothing more awe-inspiring than having a Mongolian horseman race alongside the train throwing tricks as he goes.

Mongolian Odyssey

Our independent Trans Mongolian tour starts in Beijing, where you have several days to explore the famous sights of the Chinese capital; the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Beijing has changed tremendously over the last decade, but you can still find small intimate Beijing duck restaurants, explore the Hutong alleys and find traditional markets. Our local guides will look after you and ensure all services are delivered as smoothly as possible.

We appreciate your time may be limited, so the journey from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar in conducted by air rather than train. However, that leaves more time to explore the stunning Mongolian countryside, and we have set aside two full days in the Upper Tuul River Valley for a stay in an eco-friendly and traditional Ger camp. Mongolia is an amazing place to experience and we can recommend you to try some horse riding, trekking or river rafting.

After your Mongolian stay, it is time to head to Russia, travelling by train overnight to Irkutsk for a stop at Listvyaka, on Lake Baikal. You have time to explore the village and scenery around the deepest lake in the world. For the final leg, sit back and enjoy the ride in a twin sleeper compartment all the way to Moscow.

Travelling through Russia by train is the classic way to see the country as it passes by your window, and the 4-day journey will pass quickly.

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