Hurtigruten Cruises

What's so special about the cruise?

A voyage along the scenic Norwegian coast on board Hurtigruten should be on everyone’s bucket list. Hurtigruten has serviced the 34 ports on the coast between Bergen and Kirkenes since 1893, providing the small coastal communities a vital link to the rest of the world. The ships carry freight and local passengers along the coast, as well being a major attraction for cruise passengers who want to experience some of the most beautiful fjord scenery in the world.

As the Hurtigruten ships depart Bergen every day of the year the voyage provides visitors the opportunity to experience Norway in all seasons.

Hurtigruten cruise Norway on Bronnoysund

Winter (Dec to mid Mar) lets you experience a landscape blanketed in pristine white snow, and offers opportunities to enjoy excursions like dog sledding and staying in a snow hotel. October and November offer early glimpes of the Northern lights, however, this is traditionally the stormy season for travelling along the coast.

Aurora Borealis onboard the Hurtigruten

The winter season is likely to be the one most different to what you are used to, as the magical Aurora Borealis lights up the night sky in hues of green, purple and white. 50 Degrees North offers small group escorted tours during this season so be sure to check our range of Hurtigruten Escorted tours.

The spring season (late Mar to May) brings nature back to life after a long and dark winter; with sunlight rejuvenating life along the coast, flowers blooming and stream gaining pace.

In summer the Land of the Midnight Sun (Jun to Aug) shows its true colours, and is arguable the most popular season with its long days. Don’t miss the North Cape excursion above the Arctic Circle to witness the sun that never sets. For 2019, 50 Degrees North will offer a small group escorted Photography tour during this midnight sun season.

As summer fades, autumn (Sep to Nov) brings bright colours of red and yellow, fresh air and possibly an early glimpse of the amazing Northern Lights. Autumn is a peaceful time of year on board Hurtigruten and lets you enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful scenery passing by.

A Hurtigruten cruise has something to offer everyone, so contact us to discover the world’s most beautiful coastal voyage.

Image credit: Hurtigurten, Orjan Bertlesen