Cycling in Scandinavia

Cycling is a common part of Scandinavian culture and you will see biking paths everywhere on your travels through the Nordic region. Scandinavian countries offer something for all biking enthusiasts with a terrain that varies from city roads to landscape and mountain paths, from easy to challenging.

See below our tips for a perfect cycling holiday in Scandinavia and join our 50 Degrees North tours to explore Nordic roads and scenery on two wheels.


The best time for cyce touring in Scandinavia is May to the middle / end of September. Temperatures in the area are usually around +15 - + 25C in the summer and usually nice weather delights the bikers. HOWEVER: the weather can also be unstable and change quickly from warm, wonderful summer weather to cold wind and rain, so it is recommended to bring an outfit for both warm and cold weather.

Midnight sun lengthens the summer days, so you are not in a hurry to finish your days. Photo: Alex Conu/

ROAD CONDITIONS: Scandinavia has some of the best cycle routes in the world, with thousands of kilometers of safe, clearly signposted paths and terrain that varies from easy to challenging. Signed tours assure the best scenery and are mostly on picturesque roads with little traffic & partially on roads with more traffic, over short hills and along fjords (in Norway). Notice that the Nordic countries are right-hand side nations.

Scandinavia offers great amount of cycling routes suitable for families, we recommend wearing a helmet though! Photo: Naantali Spa

The Nordic cities (e.g. Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki) are bicycle-friendly and have established bicycle routes to the urban landscape. Did you know that Copenhagen is the world's most bike-crazy capital, where 50% of the city's inhabitants commute to work by bike!

Get familiar with the biking routes of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.


50 Degrees North offers active bike day tours in several locations in the Nordic region.You can choose routes that have safe, signed roads which are easy to access independently. Guided tours by bike with local guides are also offered in the most popular destinations.

BIKE RENTAL: You may wish to add cycling on your vacation, there are several rental opportunities in each country. Photo: Aku Pöllänen

All the Nordic capitals are offering city bikes for rental, encouraging locals and visitors for cycling. Rental prices vary from 5- 10 euros / day and the bikes are easy to rent out from the bike stations around the cities. Ask more details from our 50 Degrees North sales consultants.


  • When cycling on the roads, the same traffic regulations and road signs apply to you as to cars and other vehicles: Keep to the right, give way to those coming from your right, and don’t drink and bike.
  • Follow general traffic regulations and road signs.
  • Scandinavian cities are bike-friendly cities, so use the bicycle paths and routes instead of pavements.
  • You may not cycle on motorways and dual carriageways.
  • Before you turn, indicate the direction by extending your hand.
  • Always wear a helmet when cycling.
  • A high visibility vest is a good idea, especially on busy roads.
  • Only children under the age of 10 may be carried as passengers.

Cities, woods, mountains, countryside, winter biking - the Nordic region is a cyclist's dreamland!

Forest and Mountain biking gives you exciting challenges in beautiful nature, whether you prefer a trip in the mountains or closer to the woods. Photo: Helena Wahlman/

Safe and well-maintained roads are perfect for faster speed with road cycles. There are also several international and national cycling events throughout the season. Photo: Østdansk Turisme

Fatbikes are the new fascinating way to enjoy the arctic nature. These easy-to-ride mountain bikes will take you through new-fallen snow with ease. Wide tyres offer a great grip and make the bike very agile – and will but a big grin on your face. Photo: Juho Kuva

Main image - C.H, Visit Norway

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