Home to the historic Dalen Hotel and the Telemark Canal Cruises

Dalen is the westernmost endpoint of the Telemark Canal which runs to Skien in the east, and became a tourist site with the canal traffic. Dalen Hotel, built in 1894, is among the largest wooden buildings in Norway.

Activities to enjoy in the area: A bike ride along the Telemark canal offers fine experience. Experience great nature in the fjord landscape following the newly improved hiking path between Dalen and Eidsborg. Dalen is the end stop on the Telemark Canal. Enjoy a break at Ruiplassen, the stave church and the museum at Eidsborg.

You can go horseriding with the Dalen Villmarkssenter which offer photography rides, searching for various birds and animals, and in addition they offer trips on horseback throughout the beautiful nature in Tokke.

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Heroes of Telemark self drive

6 days - An in-depth self drive itinerary through the heart of of Telemark

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Telemark & the Norwegian Fjords self drive

7 days - Explore Southern Norway with boutique stays and fjords

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The Telemark Canal - Independent cruise

4 days - Explore the Telemark Canal and stay at the historic Dalen Hotel

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