Please see our pdf brochures available on below links.

They are new flipping book brochures which are quick to download. If you would like an interactive brochure, please email us and we will send you out these larger digital versions.

Regional Concept Brochure 2017 Flip brochure online

Winter (Nov - Mar 2015/16)

Summer (Apr - Oct 2015/2016)

Hurtigruten Coastal Brochure (2016/2017)

Hurtigruten Explorer Voyages (2016/2017)

Hurtigruten Explorer Brochure (2017/2018)

Hurtigruten Winter Brochure (2016/2017)

As of 1st January 2016 we have decided no longer to print glossy tour brochures. Following are a couple of the main reasons we are going digital;

1. We feel it is difficult to justify the paper usage. Over the past 3 years the average number of brochures we print per booking is 8 brochures each with 50 pages. That is 400 pages per booking. So, we save paper and the environment.

2. Exchange rates fluctuate and instead of adding significant currency exchange buffers to protect the printed prices against fluctuations, we have real time, and more competitive prices on our website.

3. The costs of printing brochures are significant, and not taking these on means we can pass on better prices to you as the customer.

4. Our destinations are beautiful and our itineraries contain detailed information. Compressing our beautiful tours onto a brochure page does not do them justice.

So go online; review detailed descriptions, check out the tour maps and admire relevant images.