Red Rock Ger Camp

Ih Nart Nature Reserve is located in East Gobi (Dornogobi), 40km off the TransMongolian Railway to/from China. It consists of amazing landscapes, mostly granite rock formations, but also semi-arid steppes & water springs with small stands of elms and poplars. Ikh Nart is one of the best Gobi wildlife areas, which is why research is on-going here since 1997 in partnership between Denver Zoo Foundation and Mongolian Academy of Sciences and its Argali Research Center. Argali sheep (Ovis ammon; around 1000) is the world's largest wild sheep with impressive horns. There are also Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica) but they are less numerous. A fair sized population of Cinereous Vultures is also there which is the largest of Asian vultures, comparable to the more well-known Andean condor.

Hiking is excellent and rewarding, with easy climbs on to the rocks, overlooking the amazing landscape. Mountain bikes, horses and camels are available to ride. The cool evening sunsets over Gobi are pleasant and rewarding.

Services at Red Rock Ger Camp:

The ger camp is seasonal in the summers, and is fully collapsible. It may be relocated leaving no more impact on the area than a herdsmen family would. It has 14 double occupancy gers and triples may be accommodated in these. There are also 2 family size gers, with a double bed and two beds. The gers have fire stoves, wooden floors and are beautifully decorated in traditional nomadic style with hand-crafted furnishings. Showers are provided in two separate gers. The shower ger has a fire stove, why it is warm and cozy. The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition. It is five-star camping at its best.

Every morning the cooks prepare a festive breakfast buffet for you. The lunch and dinner consist of 2-3 course set meals. In the restaurant ger you will find a good selection of wines. Tea and coffee are available all day long. Accommodation at Red Rock is full board. Meals are served in the restaurant ger three times per day. The cold drinks are according to the price list.