What's new in Copenhagen travel

The new luxury Hotel Ottilia, a new ski slope on a recycling plant... Copenhagen is paving the way in new design and sustainability.

New Hotel opening in Copenhagen

A lot has happened in the old brewery area Carlsberg in the last years. In 2019, another hotspot is added to the area’s resume, when the architectural luxury hotel Hotel Ottilia opens. The hotel even comes with its own rooftop restaurant and bar TRAMONTO, and it sounds like the perfect spot for a sunset drink in the summer of 2019.

Read more here about Hotel Ottilia.

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Copenhagen's new city's ski slope

Copenhagen’s new power plant Copenhill is already up and running, and we cannot wait to put on our skis and slalom down the ski slope on the side of the plant in 2019. Copenhill was among Lonely Planet’s reasons for naming Copenhagen “Best in Travel 2019”, and we are sure that it will be a major draw.

Futuristic, unparalleled ski slope and recreational hill on top of a new resource handling centre.

Spectacular and innovative in the true sense of the words. That’s Amager Bakke / Copenhill – the artificial ski slope and recreational hiking area set to open in the summer 2019, built on top of the new waste management centre.

Not only will the new architectural beacon be visible from most of Copenhagen, a giant chimney way up on top will be blowing giant smoke rings. This sounds like something out of a sci-fi fantasy but will be reality as the power plant opened in 2017 under the name ARC (Amager Ressource Center).

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Visiting a Copenhagen Farmer's Market

We love farmer's markets at home so why not visit a local Copenhagen market during your visit. Buy fresh produce such as berries from the Farm of Ideas, fresh local tastings from Mirabelle Restaurant, or oysters from Fiskerikaien when the Relæ Community brings together some of their producers and friends for a farmers market. From 11 am – 4 pm on Saturday's.

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