What makes Kamchatka so special

It's not too early to start planning your adventure to Kamchatka!

What makes Kamchatka so unique and special to visit? Firstly, Kamchatka has some 'big ticket' items to show off - incredible opportunities to encounter brown bears, volcanoes to trek, reindeer herding families to visit and untouched nature.

Kamchatka Wildlife Experiences you must experience

There are plentiful rivers making it an adventurers, wildlife fanatic & fisherman's paradise. Kamchatka is the spawning ground of one-quarter of the world's Pacific salmon, and the rainbow trout that fill its waters are legendary.

With these rivers filled with spawning fish, come the brown bears. During August, the end of summer and the peak of the salmon-spawning season, sightings of Kamchatka's brown bears are almost guaranteed. Salmon are born in rivers but swim out to live in lakes and seas. Upon reaching maturity several years later, they make their way back to the same river where they were born, to spawn. As these salmon journey inland, they unfortunatley become targets for bears, which feed on them in a frenzy. Each year, our guests visit the Kurilskoye Lake, one of Kamchatka's trademark destinations and during their stay in a quaint wooden lodge, they watch this bear experience. These Kamchatkca bear tours book out early in the peak bear season.

Experiencing such an abundance of species in such a wild setting makes it a trip of a lifetime.!Kamchatka

Need to know about Kamchatka tours

Secondly, Kamchatka is still relatively undeveloped and ‘out there’. Glance at our Kamchatka tours and you will see that they vary greatly and offer true adventures. Prices fluctuate depending on the modes of transport - helicopter transport increases the price. It is also a very remote region so services and infrastructure are limited. Let us recommend a trip which suits your budget and interests - some departures book out early.