Travelling from Finland to Norway

From Finland to Norway, stop along the way at Sannan Putiikki Shop and pick up some souvenirs.

Northern winters can be dark, but when the sun comes out, the landscape really comes alive. This morning when we left Harriniva and Finland behind for new adventures in Norway, we enjoyed the most beautiful sunrise yet with shades of pink, orange and red competing for the limelight spot on the sky.

We didn’t get far on our 360-kilometre journey to Tromsø, also known as the ”Paris of the North”, before our first stop. Sannan Putiikki, or Sanna’s Shop is an institution in this area of Lapland and she stocks everything and anything you can think of when it comes to souvenirs and Lappish specialities.

This Nordic Winter Arctic route from Muonio in Finland to Tromsø in Norway takes approximately five hours through parks, along fjords and beautiful valleys. After settling into our hotel right by the waterfront with views over the water and towards Arctic Cathedral, we enjoyed a delicious welcome meal in one of the town’s renowned fish restaurants.

With arrival to Tromsø and Norway a new phase of our adventure has just begun. City-sightseeing, shopping, a pint in a pub and maybe a midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral await for us while we spent couple of days in this lively northern town!

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