Santa Claus Tours in Rovaniemi Finland 2021

This year, consider our tours for a magical White Christmas holiday in Finland.

What better way to experience Christmas than with the big cheerful bearded man in a red suit and his elves? Santa Claus resides in Finland near the Arctic Circle. Santa’s original home is on Kovatunturi Fell, where you can still experience the Christmas charm, but Rovaniemi has now become his official hometown, where he welcomes guests to his magical world.

Christmas in Finland with SantaChristmas in Finland with Santa

Rovaniemi is the provincial centre of Lapland, located right on the Arctic Circle. The town lies at the confluence of the rivers Ounas and Kemi, and is a historical meeting point for trade, people and cultures of the north. With approximately 60,000 inhabitants, it is the 15th biggest town in Finland.

Rovaniemi is a gateway town to many smaller Finnish villages and towns in Northern Lapland. Many smaller resorts and Christmas hotels outside of Rovaniemi offer easy, quick transfers to their properties from the airport. They can also drop you off to the main Christmas areas of Rovaneimi for a visit and tour. Each resort offers Santa programs at Christmas and our Finnish Specialists can assist with which program will suit your family best.

Christmas Tours in and around Rovaniemi:

We offer several tours based around Rovaniemi. Our Polar Bears & Santa in Lapland tour stays at the Ranua Wildlife Park and is recommended for the families who enjoy animal experiences as well as the peace & quiet of a small village situated outside of Rovaniemi.

Christmas in Finland Christmas in Finland with Santa

For 2020 & 2021, we also have Christmas in Lapland tour, staying at the Santa Claus Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland. This 5 day Christmas tour offers an opportunity to meet Santa at his hideaway, cross the Arctic Circle and send postcards from Santa’s post office. You can gain your Reindeer Drivers License and try many winter snow fun activities before enjoying a traditional Finnish church services and delicious traditional Christmas dinners.
Visit Rovaniemi

For a quieter, more exclusive White Christmas holiday on Rovaniemi's doorstep, we have a tour staying at the boutique hotel Beana Laponia, Christmas Wilderness Hideaway in Finland. Beana Laponia is a brand new hotel in the heart of Finnish Lapland, designed for adults only. Surrounded by a mesmerising snowy landscape, the Beana Laponia offers a wilderness hideaway with an abundance of winter activities on its doorstep.

Christmas in Finland with SantaChristmas in Finland with Santa

_Beana Laponia, a small boutique hotel 45 minutes drive north from Rovaniemi. _

A comfortable 45-minute drive away from Rovaniemi, you have the option to visit on a day tour. As well as visiting one of the Santa parks, you might like to visit the Korundi House with its modern art gallery and culture centre. Rovaniemi has plenty more to offer - the Arktikum museum, the elegant simplicity of the Rovaniemi Church (check times for the Christmas mass) with its historically significant graveyard and the German Soldier's cemetery 20 minutes drive north of Rovaniemi.

If you are looking for something private and secluded, we have a new tour staying at a tiny resort close to Rovaniemi. Christmas at Sunday Morning Resort is a retreat offering access to unbelievable Arctic experiences and Northern Lights opportunities. Despite being just 90 minutes from Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland and also the nearest airport, the resort is located away from light pollution on the shores of Lake Pyhä – making it the perfect place for hunting the Aurora Borealis. With its lakeside and forest surroundings, the resort is aptly named to reflect the atmosphere here - every day is like a tranquil Sunday morning and you’ll feel the serenity as soon as you arrive.

This tiny Lapland resort has rooms for only 28 guests - 4 double rooms within the lodge and 4 cabins with lofts for younger members of our family. Children (6+) will be delighted by a private visit with a traditional Finnish Santa Claus after they have enjoyed the white snowy peaceful forest on a reindeer safari.Santa Christmas