Qatar Airways flying to Helsinki

Great news for travellers heading to Finland for Christmas & Northern Lights tours.

Helsinki Airport’s role as the leading transit airport of Northern Europe will strengthen with Qatar Airways commencing flights to Doha from the 10 October 2016. Great news for our travellers as it is just in time for our Finland Northern Lights and Christmas holidays in Lapland. Duration for the flight is 6 hours and 40 minutes, on a daily basis direct to Helsinki, varied times throughout the day.

Doha airport is a safe and well-planned airport. When we recently flew through this airport, we found it very convenient and comfortable. There was a good, though expensive, food hall and there was a nice buzz in the shopping areas. Our children enjoyed the central toy shop with it's interactive displays and the very cool sports & technology stores. There were quiet places to relax, some play areas for children and lots of comfortable seating. The public conveniences were clean and there were no lines! Little things like water bubbles throughout the airport made a big difference to our family, missing in other airports we normally use. Getting around the airport was efficient and it wasn't too far to walk to your gates.

We found the economy Qatar flights from Melbourne - Doha, Doha - Oslo, Amsterdam - Melbourne all very pleasant with attentive & helpful staff. We appreciated that there was a lot less talking through the microphones on these flights. I find it is the little things like this that make a difference to our enjoyment of these long haul flights.

Joni Sundelin, Senior Vice President at Finavia, the Finnish airport operator says, "We are happy to see Qatar Airways at Helsinki Airport. It is a great airline with high-quality services and a wide range of connections throughout the world. We are very much looking forward to the new connection because it will further expand Helsinki Airport’s comprehensive selection of flight connections and will offer more varied connections from Finland to the Middle East, and to India, Africa and Australia. The new flight route will also strengthen Helsinki Airport’s position as a transit hub”.

Helsinki airport, credit: Vastavalo

Qatar Airways has received a large number of awards over the years. The airline offers connections from the Doha Airport in Qatar to more than 150 destinations on six continents. Qatar Airways, part of the Oneworld alliance, won the World’s Best Airline Award at the Skytrax Awards last year.