New things to do in Iceland

Our guide to Iceland's new holiday experiences. Minna offers her latest suggestions...

Iceland is a holiday destination on the move - new attractions, hotels & innovative tours are launched regularly. Our independent itineraries offer you the latest options for your complete Iceland holiday.

As well as visiting Iceland's impressive geysers, glaciers & hot springs, new ideas to consider for your Iceland holiday include:Icecave Iceland

1. Icecave Iceland this 2-3 hour drive in 8 Wheel Drive Monster Trucks will weave you through massive blue ice corridors, into the heart of the Langjökull glacier. Explore tunnels, underground rooms and lit caverns during this comfortable adventure. Our Iceland self-drive itineraries can include this tour or incorporate it into our Fire, Ice & the Blue Lagoon independent tours out of Reykjavik.

2. Snorkelling in Silfra is one of Iceland's best-kept secrets. Iceland straddles the rift between the Eurasian and North American continental plates and you can see the rift for yourself on this snorkelling trip, included in our Active Iceland tour. Wearing a dry suit, float on this South Icelandic Lake’s surface, peering into the depths through pristine water that takes twenty years to filter down from a glacier through volcanic ash. By the time it reaches Silfra, the water is so transparent that people have been known to get vertigo as they hover on the surface, floating as if on air over the fissure below.

Diving in Iceland Snorkelling in Iceland

3. Floating on the Secret Lagoon is a new hot spring experience, just out of Reykjavik. A natural hot spring pool located in the Fludir area of Iceland, this pool has been part of Fludir´s tradition throughout the years. The temperature of the pool is 38°- 40° all year around which makes it an ideal place to visit, both during summer time and during the winters. During wintertime the Northern Lights often show off above the secret lagoon: fingers crossed, you can sit back in these hot springs & enjoy the show.

Floating In Iceland

The pool and the nearby area has now been renovated with new facilities including showers, bar and sitting area. It has a small entrance fee and can easily be combined with one of our self-drive tours or a visit from Reykjavik.

4. Farming experiences & stays are a great way to meet the locals and learn more about Iceland. For something different, why not visit a lively and unique farming event during your holiday in Iceland. Each September, Southern Iceland holds their traditional sheep round ups. See for yourself how the farmers recognise their sheep and drag them into their slot.

One of the best round ups to visit is the Tungnaréttir round up. The farmers usually have fun singing and drinking what they call Icelandic 'singing water' (alcohol). You can join the farmers' celebration at the 'réttarball' dance in Aratunga. A casual affair, it is always held in the evening of the round-up day. This year's Tungnaréttir round up is being held on Sept 12.

See our Iceland self-drive farm stay holidays and ask our Iceland destination specialists for assistance in planning your Iceland holiday.

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Iceland Farm Holidays

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