My unforgettable expedition to Greenland

Alice finishes her Greenland voyage with whale spotting and fond farewells.

Greenland Tour on MS Fram, Hurtigruten

A foggy start to the end – all good things must come to an endGreenland from the air

The Danish Meteorological Service had recently declared that May was the coldest on record in Greenland and thus we had to sail back to Nuuk instead of continuing down to Kangerlussuaq as scheduled.

I could not believe that my expedition voyage was already coming to an end. We had a lovely last day onboard the ship with toasting to a great journey and recapping all our experiences, which will be remembered for a very long time and making sure we all said our thank you’s and farewells to the expedition team, crew members and none the less all the friends we had made.

This was also a very unique evening as during dinner, not only due to the amazing show we received just before dessert was served – somebody suddenly yelled out that there was a whale spotting and we all ran to the window and I finally saw the whale in the distance, such a special way to end the night.

We had a pretty early start to the morning as the first guests left Fram around 4am. We had a few delays out of Nuuk due to the heavy morning fog, however spirits were still high and everyone were still buzzing from all the amazing things we had seen and experienced in this short amount of time. We were all still having good laughs while waiting to board the flight from Nuuk.

By the time we arrived in Kangerlussuaq the sun was out, however we had to wait for the last guests to arrive from Nuuk prior to boarding our flight to Copenhagen. I was lucky to get a window seat from Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq and the views flying over Greenland were spectacular.

We arrived into Copenhagen, a bit later than planned, and of course there was a soccer match on that night, and consequently the train to my destination, Århus was jam-packed and fortunately everyone were cheery campers as Denmark had won. Note to self – next time there is a game on your way home from a long journey – stay the night in Copenhagen!

**I hope you have enjoyed my day-by-day travel diary and hope I have inspired you to discover and create your own memories in Denmark, Iceland and Greenland. There are some amazing new voyages to Greenland - call me to get more details.

NuukGreenland from the AirGreenland from the Air
 Greenland from the air

Greenland images from the air during my flight back to Copenhagen. Thanks for reading.