Muskoxen in Greenland

Alice was lucky enough to see Muskoxen and calves during her Hurtigruten Greenland Glaciers and Ice voyage.

Ivittuut – Grønnedal – my very first encounter with ”the long-bearded one”

Ivittuut - a great place to see the long-bearded animals, was the former site of a cryolite mine, which is a rare mineral used in the making of aluminium. We saw some of these minerals while walking along the beach.

Prior to disembarking at Ivittuut we had an information session and we were told to keep a safe distance from the Muskoxen and not to be alarmed by the expedition team carrying rifles as this was only a precaution.

The Muskox is the largest land mammal in the country (weighing up to 400 kilos) and is called Ummimak in Greenlandic, which means the "long-bearded one".

We could already see some of the Muskoxen on the hill as we were approaching. We were taken into land in small teams as we had to travel with the polar circle boats to get on shore. The first lot of guests must have scared the muskoxen away as they were no longer on the hill when my group got there.

Thus I decided to follow the crowds going up the hill on the other side, where I also spotted a memorial from the Danish Royal visits. There I saw a whole group of the muskoxen and some had cute little calves.

Some who ventured out a bit further also saw reindeer. Although signs of summer were showing, there was still heaps of snow left. We only had a few hours and had to get back on the boat to sail towards our next destination of our Hurtigruten