Land of the Bears Kamchatka Tours

Our Kamchatka tours get you into the heart of bear country - a true wildlife adventure.

A land of smouldering volcanoes, steaming geysers and soaring peaks, the Kamchatka Peninsula is a place where salmon spawn, sea eagles soar and bears keep the locals on their toes.

This finger of Russia might just be one of the wildest places on Earth and our specialist area. Read about our Kamchatka group tours here.

The end-of-world landscapes and big silences that come with true isolation are a rare and special thing – as is the knowledge that you’re taking the (high, grassy) pass less travelled.

But don’t count on having the vast swathe of land all to yourself: Kamchatka brown bears are scattered here, too – around 16,000 of them, the densest concentration of the sub-species on the planet. Descend on Grassy Point, a tiny promontory on Kurilskoye Lake. The second-largest of its kind on the peninsula, Kurilskoye is also Eurasia’s largest spawning ground for red salmon and, as a result, one gigantic bear magnet. You can see possibly hundreds of the animals crowding around the banks.

Near the lake, stay at a manmade structure – a two-storey A-frame timber lodge able to
accommodate 15 or so guests. There’s a dining room below and wrap-a-round verandas to enable guests to enjoy the view: the graceful symmetry of Ilinsky volcano (1,578 metres) and a dozen other “lesser” peaks; bear cubs chasing each other across open meadows, their parents stalking salmon along the lake’s shore, just beyond the perimeter of our electrified fence.

An African safari it isn’t – there are no jeeps or stretched Land Rovers here. In Kamchatka, you walk to your wildlife, or stop and let it come to you. Either way, you have plenty of time to say your prayers.

Kamchatka BearsBrown Bears in Kamchatka