ICEHOTEL, Sweden #25 reveals Art Suites

The ICEHOTEL suite designs for 2014 - 2015 include lush rainforests, baroque architecture and more...

Due to celebrate it's silver anniversary this winter, the ICEHOTEL is set to open its reindeer-skin clad doors on December 12, 2014.  Twenty-odd individually designed and hard crafted art suites are created each year and the eagerly awaited designs have been revealed in sketch form. This is what's in store for you at ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi this winter.

  • Eastern European folk art
  • lush rain forests
  • abstract interpretations of love
  • Baroque architecture
  • the craft of printmaking
  • the inner works of a clock

[This year, ICEHOTEL will host 42 artists from 11 different countries. Have a look at the ICEHOTEL Sweden 2014 Sketches here. ](/userfiles/files/icehotel 25 in sketches.pdf)