Hurtigruten Viking Voyage

Hurtigruten announces Viking focused autumn tour.

Depending on which pop culture depiction one chooses to believe, the Vikings were a group of barbarians who took raiding and pillaging to a whole new level, or they were a forward-thinking group of explorers and tradesmen who put Scandinavia on the map. Or perhaps they were a little of both.

History lovers who are eager to learn the truth behind this storied group will get an earful on Hurtigruten’s 12-day Voyage of the Vikings itinerary, which sets sail on Sept 2017. Viking expert Gareth Williams of the British Museum will a host, giving lectures on board and leading tours and excursions on land.

A highlight of the voyage is a stop in the old Viking capital of Trondheim that includes a tour of the famed Nidaros Cathedral, where Viking King Olav Tryggason, Norway’s patron saint, was laid to rest.

You can also have the option to participate in a Viking Feast excursion, travelling back in time and visiting a Viking chieftain and his family in a reconstructed longhouse as they settle in for an evening of food and entertainment. This optional excursion is available on other Hurtigruten voyages as well.

Be sure to extend your Norwegian holiday to visit Oslo’s Viking Museum, which is home to a full-size longboat and an array of Viking relics. Better still, explore Denmark's rich viking history on our Danish Viking independent tour.