Hurtigruten Gourmet Offerings

Celebrating all that is Norwegian on a Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage.

From April 2014, the Hurtigruten Norwegian cruise introduced a brand new spring ‘Arctic Awakening’ menu with much more emphasis on sourcing local produce. Seafood, lamb and cheese are popular local options - with support given to the local suppliers to bring their product to the ship in the quantity necessary. As part of the Autumn Gold Menu, there are currently tastings of seasonal produce such as cloudberries and reindeer out on deck for guests to enjoy.

Alongside the Norwegian food offerings, the entire crew is Norwegian and the language is Norwegian, although all announcements to passengers are made in whatever languages are represented on-board.

During the height of summer, generally speaking one quarter of the passengers on these mail ship ferries are made up of Norwegians who use the boat to commute from one town or region to another, for purposes of business, hospital visits, family reunions and the like.