Hurtigruten - Making friends along the way

The joy of making lifelong friends aboard Hurtigruten Explorer Voyages.

A blend of relaxation and getting away from commercial entertainment is the emphasis on a Hurtigruten Explorer or Classic Norwegian coastal voyage. While your destinations are sure to be gorgeous, many travellers wonder what life is like aboard the iconic vessels. Don't worry, you'll be well fed and ready to bond with your shipmates along the way.

Hurtigruten Voyages

Social Dining and snacking on board Hurtigruten:

During your Hurtigruten voyage, you can buy hot and cold drinks and snacks in the cafeteria, which is usually open 24 hours. So whenever the midnight munchies come over you, feel free to grab a bite to eat. It's useful to point out that Norwegian currency is used on board, though most major currencies may be exchanged.

There are set meal times throughout the day on the voyage. Breakfast lasts from approximately 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., lunch starts around noon to 1 p.m. and dinner from 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. While you can seat yourself for breakfast and lunch, dinner has assigned seating. During the evening of departure from Bergen, a buffet dinner will be served with open seating.

Seafood on board Hurtigruten

The food is Norwegian, and breakfast is buffet style with a selection of cold meats, eggs, cheese, cereals and fruit. The meals onboard have recently be revamped and offer local gourmet products. Often fresh local products such as salmon and prawns are offered on deck.

Dig into delicious fish dishes such as smoked salmon for lunch. You'll also have the option of cold meats, salads and a choice of hot dishes along with desserts and fruit. At night, many passengers like to dress up for the three-course set meal. It's worth noting there is not usually a choice of menu.

Special diets such as vegetarian can be catered for if you request it in advance. Hurtigruten regret to report that passengers on strict diets may find limited food options.

Hurtigruten Voyages

Hurtigruten Explorer On-board Activities

Outside of eating times, there will be on-board activities, demonstrations and presentations during the Explorer voyages. The aim? To get you closer to astounding environments and share the experience with your fellow passengers. It's up to you to join in on the activities for day-to-day programs.

Whether you're a social butterfly or serenity seeker, your cruise on Hurtigruten is set to be a fulfilling experience.