Hurtigruten's Classic Ship MS Lofoten

Vintage Hurtigruten experience on the classic ship MS Lofoten.

Hurtigruten grand old lady, MS Lofoten (1964) will soon be finishing up her sailing so be sure to book a voyage if you wish to see the Norwegian coast on this vintage ship. The ship's classic characteristics offer guests nostalgic experiences such as fishing directly from the ship, bridge tournaments, afternoon teas and a more traditional dining experience.


Exclusive experiences on MS Lofoten

This small, agile veteran of the seas has a few advantages over other ships as she can navigate waters others can’t - bringing her guests closer to the action and closer to the scenery. While the ship will operate on the traditional coastal voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes and back, Hurtigruten has added little extras to make this classic voyage more nostalgic and friendly.

Hurtigruten Retro

On MS Lofoten, guests are given the opportunity to fish directly from the deck, or set pots to entice the fascinating king crab. The catch of the day will be prepared and served to the lucky fishermen at the next meal. In the evenings, all those fisherman’s tales gathered during the day, can be recounted over a game of bridge and a (complimentary) glass of sherry in the vintage lounge before dinner. Afternoon teas and quiz evenings will also be part of the new on-board experience.

Hurtigruten Retro

Norwegian cuisine at its finest

A delicious 4-course dinner based on the menus of the 1960s will be created to delight the taste buds with fresh and seasonal ingredients from local suppliers along the coast. While Hurtigruten are generally known for their informal atmosphere, the voyages on MS Lofoten will be enhanced by a service reminiscent of that offered in the early days of the ship. Dishes will be served from silver platters by staff wearing white gloves and the uniforms of the era and a Captain’s Dinner will round off this voyage down memory lane.

”Modern dining and Asian fusion can be enjoyed all over the world, but now it is time to turn back the time on MS Lofoten to the old virtues, before sushi, pizza and the internet took over our everyday lifestyle. Offering an 11 day nostalgic, but high quality service concept is something we are really excited to offer our guests from 2015”, comments Thomas Westergaard, SVP Product Development & Hotel Operations.

Hurtigruten Retro

A venerable lady

This vintage ship, launched in 1964 in Oslo, was refitted and renovated in 2003. Since that day 50 years ago, the MS Lofoten has remained loyal to the Hurtigruten shipping company and its fans. Its tasteful wooden decks, original lounges and traditional panorama decks ensure it retains its authentically charming atmosphere. This smallest and oldest Hurtigruten ship has been protected by a preservation order since 2001 and enjoys a very special place in the hearts of Hurtigruten customers. Its traditional charm and unique character have earned it a large community of fans. By its 50th birthday in 2014, the MS Lofoten had travelled almost three million nautical miles, transported 1.25 million guests and docked over 75,000 times in the Hurtigruten ports.

Photo credits: Trond Gansmoe Johnsen and Madis Sarglepp