Food tour in Copenhagen

Asko, from our team, enjoys the Copenhagen Food Tour this autumn.

Today I joined for a 4-hour food tour in Copenhagen. The tour is a great way to learn about Danish cuisine, history and some landmarks in Copenhagen.

We met our tour guide Maria at 10am at the food halls near Norreport Station, located close to our favourite hotels, Hotel SP34 and Hotel Kong Arthur. Today was typical autumn day; a bit cool and wet, so bringing along a good jacket, waterproof shoes and an umbrella were a must.

The tour started with tasting some Danish cheeses followed by famous Bornholm rye crackers with jam. At the Bornholm Butikken we also had a chance to try some liquorice and aquavit. Just a taste as it was still only after 10am.

Bornholm Boutique

From here we walked to the Botanical Gardens and to the museum island. All the way we learned some interesting facts about Copenhagen and the food history.

Here we had a chance to have Smorrebrod, Danish open sandwiches. It’s a great skill and takes years of practice to become a good smorrebrod chef, Maria told us. The menu also changes by the seasons. Today we had a taste of herring, roast beef, chicken and meat pate Smorrebrods. Service size is usually 2 pieces, but we had smaller tasting sizes in order to taste the four varieties.

Lunch in Copenhagen

After lunch we walked to the lakes and to the Norrebro area. Here we stopped at the local brewery to have a beer tasting. We tasted three different boutique beers made on the premise.

Beer Tasting in Copenhagen

After the beer tasting, it was time to walk back to the city and to the Old town. Again we learned some history of the areas while walking.

Denmark is famous for hotdogs or Polser as locals calls them, which we got to taste when we arrived at the Old town. You can find a hotdog stand on every corner. Anyhow, the stand we went serve only organic and local produce with a good selection of sausages such a pork, beef or vegetarian.

Danish hotdogs on Copenhagen Food Tour

Just behind the corner was one of the oldest bakeries in Copenhagen, Sct Peder’s Bageri. They are well known for “Wednesday cinnamon buns”, only baked and served on Wednesdays. It was my lucky day as it was Wednesday and we had a taste of these famous buns. It’s a tradition in Copenhagen to get some cinnamon buns to your friends or work on Wednesdays and this tradition has begun from this bakery.

Cinnamon Buns in Copenhagen

Before the tour finished, we went to the candy store opened at 1891 and they still make the candies at this location in the traditional way. Nothing has changed except the credit card machines. From here we returned to the market halls, where we had a chance to buy some of the items we tried earlier.

Candy Shop in Copenhagen

All food we tasted today followed the new Nordic food manifesto movement and therefore was made from organic and local products.

It’s a good way to learn not only Danish but also Scandinavian cuisine. Take good walking shoes with you. Also remember to ask for some cooking recipes from Bornholm Butikken to learn how to use sweet liquorice syrup for cooking.

Our Nordic Capitals tailor-made tours can include this Copenhagen food tour.