Don't panic, it's organic! Best of Copenhagen

Alice sets out to find new restaurants for your visit to Copenhagen.

Gourmet touring in Copenhagen

My mission was to find some funky restaurants, which were not carrying the price tag of Michelin star restaurants so I could share that with all of you.

There were a lot of great choices and as this was my last night in Copenhagen, I had to narrow it down. I checked the menus online and what appealed to me were the restaurants in the Meatpacking district, Kødbyen. Only an 8-10 minute walk (depending on your speed) from the main train station, exit the opposite side of Tivoli gardens to Istedgade. Now, I must warn you, this is the red light district in Copenhagen and very colourful as you can imagine, it has however been cleaned up throughout the years.

The sun was out and there was a vibrant atmosphere with live music and buzzing restaurants. Most of the places were so packed with diners, so it was difficult to get a table. A tip - should you want to go out in Copenhagen on a Saturday night and you know where you want to go, make a booking!

The choice for the evening fell on BioMio. The restaurant is located in the building with the vintage red BOSCH sign. Don’t worry; there are no appliances for sale here anymore.

Copenhagen Dining Tour

BioMio is an organic and environmentally friendly restaurant catering to vegetarians as well. Their motto is - Don't panic, it's organic! The atmosphere was just right and it was an open-kitchen, which also appealed. For an organic restaurant the prices were very reasonable and if all guests at the table choose the same 3 course menu, the cost is dkk300, - equivalent to AUD60, too good to turn down.

First course on the evening was the beef tartare, with Parmesan mayo, not the typical tartare as we know with the egg yolk in the middle. A little breadbasket of freshly baked rosemary focaccia was served with the meal. Main course was the baked fish, meaty and delicious. Third and last course was the cheese platter, which consisted of 3 pieces of yummy Danish cheese served with walnuts and a fruit compote.

Copenhagen Dining Tour

Copenhagen Dining Tour

Copenhagen Dining Tour

The presentation of all 3 meals were immaculate as you can see from the photos, the servings were generous and the service was quick and efficient. All in all a fantastic experience and I would definitely go back. And now of course I wish I had the time to try all of the restaurants.

There are many other nice restaurants worth a try at the Meatpacking district - some of them are:

Mother – a busy Italian restaurant known for great pizzas using fresh ingredients. Very popular among the locals.

Paté Paté - appropriately situated in a former paté factory! Their style of food is an inventive mix of Nordic and Mediterranean cuisine. They work with the slogan 'for the love of food and wine', and this translates well into the ambiance of the restaurant.

Warpigs - American brewery 3 Floyds and Mikkeller have together created a love-child that serves the best authentic fiery & smoky Texas barbecue and American-Danish style craft beer.