Minna Syvänen

Minna Syvänen

Project Manager


Minna is Finnish and grew up in the beautiful capital city Helsinki. She also spent a lot of time at her family's summer house by one of the thousands of lakes of Finland. In the wintertime she spent her time ice skating and cross country skiing on the frozen lakes and snowboarding in the Finnish Lapland.

Minna comes from a travel loving family and very early on developed a huge passion for travel herself. As soon as she was old enough the family trips changed to independent travel around the world. Between her studies in Finland Minna took every chance to travel, and later decided to come to Australia to study. Falling in love with her new home country eventually led to migrating here. Minna still loves her motherland and is passionate about travelling to and talking about this beautiful part of the world.

Minna's latest trips include cycling the Rallarvegen in Norway, self driving around Iceland and an expedition cruise in Far East Russia. She also went to Finland, Norway & Sweden in January '16 escorting our Hurtigruten small group tour.