Johanna Hirvelä

Johanna Hirvelä

Destination Specialist


Johanna was born in Stockholm, grew up in Brisbane, speaks fluent Finnish and is now based in our Vancouver office. She has spent her life travelling and loves meeting people from all walks of life. A former tour guide onboard the Trans-Mongolian railway, her favourite travel destinations always include a deep cultural history, mountains, lakes, fjords and preferably sub-zero temperatures!

She has a deep respect and interest in indigenous cultures, protecting our natural environment, and strongly advocating for sustainable, culturally appropriate tourism. She has just spent a year studying the local Sámi language and culture in the high arctic Finnish village of Inari, 380kms north of the Arctic Circle.

After spending her early 20s working on cruise boats travelling through the Baltic Sea, Johanna developed a lifelong passion for expedition voyages, and is very excited about the new hybrid powered expedition ships travelling to Antarctica. The high arctic, North East Passage, and Kamchatka regions are all at the top of her bucket list!

Johanna feels happiest when she’s sitting outside the sauna at her cottage in Akujärvi, in minus 40’C, while the aurora borealis dances above!