Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes

IT Specialist


Though being born in Moe, Victoria, a place as far away from the rest of the world as is possible, Darren grew and travelled and explored the world, often sending home tales of adventures to the delights of the humble villagers. Many a night the locals would gather around a candle to hear grand stories of the Turk Traders of the Karakum or the Himba Warrior Princes of the Kunene.

Darren fell late into working in the travel industry and found the complexity and diversity of the industry challenging and enjoyable. He has been keen to help ease the burden of travel staff through technology over the last decade.

Darren has travelled throughout the Nordic region, visiting such places as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the Faroe Islands and, by far the most beautiful, Iceland (apologies to my Scandinavian colleagues). Everyone should visit this gorgeous region.