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Urmas Mand

Destination Estonia: An exception to the rule

  • Terhi Runnalls Terhi Runnalls

The first thing that comes to mind about Estonia is the infinitely charming medieval Old Town in Tallinn, the country’s capital city. The cobblestone streets and medieval buildings are a whole world away from what you can expect from, say, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, or Copenhagen.

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Daniel Taipale

Congratulations Finland

  • Terhi Runnalls Terhi Runnalls

Finland, one of our beautiful destinations, is celebrating its 100 years of independence. Congratulations to Finns all around the globe (including our lovely 50 Degrees North staff members in Melbourne and Norway)!

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Jonathon Pie

New guidelines for viewing Arctic Wildlife 2018

  • Tietse Stelma Tietse Stelma

We wish to ensure that the Arctic wildlife stays unaffected by tourism and so we share these new AECO guidelines.

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